Communication Courses

Not always the fashion industry is considered a field where different job opportunities are available, the main careers followed are the ones of the Fashion Designer or of the Patternmaker.

But  many could be the opportunities that the fashion career instead offers: PR, Human Resources manager, press office within a company or a magazine, event organizer, marketing manager, brand manager and so on…

The communication courses will allow the student to enter those realities giving a complete knowledge of all the processes communication starts, as well as how important the Marketing has become in a society, which bases success, power and globalization on the communication, not only meant as advertisement, but the way brands communicate with their final consumer.

Words like branding, needs, values, awareness, pr, consumer behavior and psychology are central, in a world where the Image has become a Must together with  trust and quality in order to reach Success.

Each course is then designed according to the needs and the inclination of each special student, not only will give the theory of the topics, but will provide the tools and the methods needed in the work environment: SWOT analysis, Business and Marketing plans, conference and cultural events organization, through the latest publications and case study.

The courses will be all conducted by the Italian Fashion Expert Stefania Gulina and will release an Italian Accredited Certificate.

Attendance options:

Duration: 6 weeks – Weekly lessons: 2