The Founder of the Italian Fashion Academy, Stefania Gulina, after years of experience all over the World, as consultant for fashion institutes in India, Saudi Arabia, Syria and founder and former manager of FDC (Fashion & Design Centre) in Egypt, with an International Degree in Advertisement, Fashion Studies and  Marketing, in the prestigious international University IULM, has decided to use her success and experience and open the first Italian Fashion Academy in Egypt.

The Italian Fashion academy provides up-to-date courses in the Design, Pattern Making and Jewelry Field and not only…allowing you to enter the glamorous world of Design, Styles, Trends and Coolness…..in order to trace the sources of inspiration and to re-born into a new international era.

The Mission of the Italian Fashion Academy is to provide a high level of knowledge yet targeting the need of innovation and research the Design world is looking for.

Through the use of International Techniques of Design, Pattern and Sewing in order to reach high level of competitiveness, finally rewarded with a professional diploma or certificate. The Academy allows the young talents to deepen their knowledge and complete their education, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, reaching the Design Culture, needed nowadays in a new world where “Style and Design” are a must …. a new world, made of style, taste and full of inspiration…in order to allow your dream of a Fashion Career, come through.

The Academy’s objective is to be in continuous relation with the market and follow its evolution as well as its needs, in order to allow all the young talents to flourish and to become part of the change that the Middle East is aiming to, continuous up-dated courses, international experts and joint-ventures, semester’s evaluation and distinguished high professionalism will allow you to be the most requested experts in the Fashion Field.

Diplomas and Certificates

IFA releases Italian Accredited Diploma and certificates for free professional studies.

Tools and method

The Italian Fashion Academy, due to the long experience of its founder, utilizes the last techniques available in the fashion scene, the finest programs in order to reach International standard levels. Merging the best available systems, in order to reach the finest quality as well as to be in touch with the latest styles proposed by the most famous International brands, Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Prada.

IFA, though based in Egypt, will constantly inject its students with inspiration, fashion news, latest catwalks, business partnerships, latest Vip’s cooperation, media, advertisement, trends and forecast, street style, to predict ahead how the consumer will react to the world’s changes and at the same time, to give all the necessary tools to the Designers of the future to enter and rock the Fashion Scene.


IFA allows anybody willing to pursuit a fashion career, to apply, manage and to choose the course that mostly fits his/her requirements.

IFA allows you to freely choose among the attendance options, selecting among morning, afternoon and evening classes.

In addition, lessons are individual, following the students according to the capacity to learn, with a maximum number of students per class, allowing the student to apply and start anytime of the year and arrange your program according to his/her needs.

Fill your application form, complete of a photo and ID photocopy and the learning process can start.


The graduation process, is anticipated by 4 semesters exams, the student will indeed be asked every 5 months to pass a test in order to verify the knowledge and the level reached, in order to guarantee the best preparation. Those preparing for the graduation will have to present a complete portfolio and a final garment, totally executed by the students in the IFA’s premises themselves, with the support and the guidance of the instructors, together with its draft, pattern and spec sheet. The exams will be held twice a year: December and June, with the support of international or local external experts. In correspondence of the final exam a Graduation Fashion Show will be yearly arranged, in order to allow talent scouts and media to discover the new talents the IFA is breeding every year and to create job opportunities.


IFA has the main purpose of creating job opportunities, for all its graduates, free of charge. Periodical interviews will be organized with Companies’ owners, Magazines, Retail shop’s owner, media companies. Indeed Fashion studies can allow you to enter many and different fields, the ones related to design, event organization, tourism, media, fashion, production, quality control and much more….


IFA will get in touch with all its graduates, through a symbolic yearly subscription fee, all the graduates can utilize the Academy, getting further job opportunities, fashion news, trends, expertise, use the library and generally all the advantages that the most reputable Design office, can offer.

How To Apply


To apply is really easy, students can pick the course and decide start anytime of the year, because lessons are kind of individual, so consequently students can be introduced in the class at any stage. Come to our premises and fill the application form, bringing with you a passport size photo….your application process can start.

Attendance selection

Students starting their course, are able to pick, if enrolling at least with a month prior the start, among different options. Once the attendance is selected it is automatically set, to be changed a new attendance should be picked prior acceptance from the management. People not applying early enough will have the possibility to pick only if days requested are free, as there is a maximum number of students per teacher, in order to guarantee the perfect execution of the program, if not they agree a unofficial attendance till the days requested get free.

Classes cannot be missed, once lost to make up the class won’t be possible, so be careful in selecting your classes, if not sure to be able to come each time, select less classes/week but do NOT MISS THEM!

Lessons are given:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,  9 to 12 – 13 to 16 – 17 to 20

Thursday, 9 to 12 – 13 to 16


Vacations are not considered as IFA is a private institution, aside form considering the country festivity, no other vacations are given. If you require to stop your course for a period of time, permission from the management should be taken, if not, the course could and will be suspended after a continuous month of absence.


Payment can be fulfilled by a whole or by installments. Each installment is due withing the first 10 days of the month, after that attendance will be suspended, till payment is not fulfilled.